Plusnet Broadband Review

Most people know the name Plusnet. The company has been around for many years and has fostered a reputation for being a no-nonsense broadband company from Yorkshire that provides good, honest value and service. And frankly, that just about sums Plusnet up. Its core slogan is ‘we’ll do you proud’ and its whole sales pitch is founded on reliability and good customer service.

If you want something sophisticated or ground-breaking, you won’t get it from Plusnet. But, if what you want is good performance, excellent service, solid reliability and great value for money, then Plusnet should definitely be on your broadband shortlist.

This applies to business as much as to home broadband. For, while Plusnet is certainly better known as a provider to the domestic market, it also offers good commercial packages that are very attractive, particularly for SMBs.

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The Plusnet story

Knowing the backstory on Plusnet is useful, as it gives you an understanding of where the company  comes from, why it positions itself as a provider of ‘good, honest products, provided by good, honest people’, and why it might be the best choice for you.

The business was founded in Sheffield in 1997, and, from the outset, it had a clear focus on providing great value broadband. It grew quickly, and in January 2007, was bought by BT. At the time, this was seen as a way for BT to make sure it did not lose out to lower-priced competitors and ensure that none of its rivals gained too much traction in the market. BT (as you will know if you read our BT Broadband Review), is kept under close scrutiny by the regulator Ofcom, and would not be able to compete too aggressively with other ISPs.

Plusnet, however, had done this very successfully. For this reason, BT was always going to run Plusnet as a completely separate and independent entity, and BT has been good to its word in that respect. Plusnet has a distinct identity and, indeed, provides strong competition for BT in a number of market segments.

From a Plusnet customer’s perspective, the great thing about the company being owned by BT is that it gives them the added reassurance of knowing there is a big and stable company sitting behind Plusnet.

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Reputation is everything

Plusnet essentially stakes everything on its reputation as an honest provider that is totally focused on customer service, and it seems to work. In Ofcom’s latest report comparing the service levels of ISPs, Plusnet scored highest, with 93% of customers saying they were satisfied with the overall service it provides. On satisfaction with reliability, it scored 85%, and for satisfaction with speed, 82%.

The company’s customers really like the service Plusnet delivers. In the Uswitch Awards, Plusnet has won the Best Customer Service category for the past seven years. In total, the company has been handed 32 awards for customer service since it was formed. Its website and marketing are crammed with positive feedback from customers.

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Fixed Plusnet price deals

Another strong selling point for Plusnet, and one that many if not all its customers really love, is its fixing of broadband and line rental prices for the entire minimum contract term. If you sign up for 18 months or two years, the price will stay the same throughout that entire period. Only at the end of the term will the price change, and only by the applicable out-of-contract price that would have been set at the time the contract was taken out. Thereafter, increases will be in line with CPI. Of course, customers who are out of contract can switch to another provider anytime they wish. Very few leave Plusnet, though, and many more join from other providers.

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Plusnet Broadband for consumers

Plusnet offers some good deals for consumers. At the entry level, there are services offering average download speeds of 10Mbps, right up to superfast options that offer average download speeds of 66Mbps. The former sounds, by today’s standards, quite slow, but for anyone who only needs to occasionally send an email or go onto a website, it’s ideal. The current price here is only £12 per month. Users who want an average speed of 36Mbps will pay only £23 a month, and a faster 66Mbps service is only £26 per month. (NB: These are prices as of October 2020).

You get line rental included in this price, but there are no other frills. Plusnet services are kept simple, so users don’t have to worry about what they are (or are not) getting for their money and whether they are wasting it on something they don’t need. It is, however, possible to add voice call plans, YouView and BT Sport options (see below).

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Plusnet Broadband for business

There are two levels of service available for businesses from Plusnet – up to 18Mb download speed and up to 76Mbps download speed; the respective costs are £18 and £35 per month (as of October 2020). But you will need to add a line rental cost to that price. However, if you switch your voice to Plusnet as well, they will reward you with a £5.50 discount on the broadband

You get the fixed price offer, as well as 24/7 UK-based support, content filtering a static IP address, and, of course, a business router with WiFi. It’s a pretty good deal if what you want is a no-frills, reliable connection. With the fixed price for up to 24 months, it’s an almost perfect proposition for smaller businesses.

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Plusnet Voice call plans

If you rent a landline off Plusnet, you get a basic call package on which you can make calls on a pay-per-use basis, as you would with BT. Prices are competitive, but, frankly, not that many people need call plans these days – not at home at least. If you do, though, there are options to include evening and weekend calls or unlimited calls to the UK at any time. There are also international call plans, so if you are a business and need to keep in touch with customers and/or suppliers abroad, this is a good option.

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TV and sport

For home users, there are YouView and BT Sport options available with Plusnet packages and they are quite good value. The YouView packages are available from only £6.99 per month, allowing you to receive extra channels and services, including BT Sport Lite, and use pause and rewind on TV programmes. BT Sport is available separately to customers that also have a Sky satellite receiver box, a satellite dish installed and an active viewing card.

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If you want a simple and reliable broadband service that does enough to get you connected and do what you need to do online, then Plusnet is a great option for you. There is absolutely no doubting the quality of Plusnet’s customer service, and with the competitive pricing and a fixed-price guarantee for the initial contract term, it provides excellent value and stability.

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