How to upgrade Plusnet broadband?

Upgrading your Plusnet broadband or switching from another Internet services provider to Plusnet is quite frankly, really easy. It is certainly a lot easier than it might be with many other providers. Plusnet really prides itself on delivering high levels of customer services – and that includes making upgrades or switching providers. One reflection of that is that you won’t find many instances of businesses moving from Plusnet to another provider. But there are plenty of firms who have moved in the opposite direction and founds it to be a positive experience.

If you are already a Plusnet customers and need a faster connection, or you are with a different provider right now and think someone else might be able to do a better job, Plusnet will go out of its way to make upgrading or migrating as easy as it possibly could be.

Simplicity and no-nonsense customer services is, essentially, what Plusnet sells itself on. It tries to make moving sound as straightforward as possible and claims that job can be done online within minutes and that the service can be activated within ten working days.

While that’s certainly all possible, it will depend, to some degree, on where you are in the country and your particular situation. If you are planning an upgrade to FTTP (fibre to the premises) for example, that could be more complicated – but that would be the case with any internet services provider.

Whether you can do it by yourself may depend on how confident you are with comms technology and online portals. Our advice is, if you need help, seek it out – don’t just try feeling your way as you go. Your business needs broadband and getting it right is important.

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About Plusnet broadband

Plusnet is a pretty famous name in the UK broadband market. It’s strong market presence and high-profile marketing and advertising campaigns have just about made it a household name. While a lot of this activity is focused on consumers – and indeed, this is where Plusnet is best-known and most successful – Plusnet also has a good range of broadband options for businesses.

Plusnet focuses on selling its customer service and value for money, and this makes its services particularly appealing to smaller businesses that just want a simple, fast, affordable connection, Plusnet can work just as well for mid-sized and larger firms.

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How good is Plusnet broadband for my business?

If what you want is a simple, fast, reliable connection that’s also good value for money, Plusnet’s broadband services should be well-suited to your needs. What many people don’t realise is that Plusnet is owned by BT and the two are carefully juxta-positioned to appeal to different kinds of buyers. With Plusnet, it’s all about simplicity, customer service, and value. With BT, you usually get additional services and benefits thrown in with your broadband contract.

As such, Plusnet tends to suit businesses that have pretty straightforward connectivity needs, so it’s easy to see why it would be popular with smaller businesses. BT is more popular with organisations that need a more complete solution or service. Or features such as additional WiFi connectivity on the move and a fixed IP address.

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What Plusnet broadband can I get in my area?

You should be able to get Plusnet broadband services just about everywhere in the UK. The company is always quick to offer its options when coverage becomes available in a particular area. As it is part of BT, you can also expect a similar level of reliability you might get from its parent company. Although you might not get the same level of guaranteed service and repair times.

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ADSL broadband deals for Plusnet

There are Plusnet ADSL2+ broadband connection options that will give to speeds of up to 18Mbps at a price of around £17.50 per month. Plusnet also offers free installation and, with some services, a guarantee of no price increases for the contract term – so you will know exactly what your broadband will cost you for the next 24 months. Plusnet also offers unlimited downloads. These extras are a real bonus for businesses that want to keep down the cost of getting online, and of staying online. You’ll quite often find that there are special offers available on Plusnet broadband packages as well.

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Fibre broadband deals for Plusnet

Plusnet fibre services are available for around £21.50 per month and offer download speeds of up to 76Mbps, depending on where you are located. This is a simple, fast option for businesses that want a broadband service that just works. Plusnet brands its commercial-oriented services as Business Unlimited and, like the ADSL option, Plusnet’s FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) option is a totally unlimited service as far as data downloads are concerned.

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How to check my Plusnet broadband speed?

There are plenty of speed checking tools that will give you an idea of how well your Plusnet broadband service is performing. A good starting point is the Ofcom broadband checker, which you will find at This will show you what kind of speeds you ought to be getting at your location.

You can also make use of independent broadband speed checkers, such as Speedofme, (; Speedtest (; and Testmynet ( Most of these online services are quite reliable and accurate and will give you a good indication of the kind of broadband performance you can expect.

It’s worth remembering that the performance of you wireless networking can also impact speed tests. If you check your broadband while connected by WiFi through the router, that could have a negative impact on the results. For a more reliable measurement, get as close to the router as you can, or connect directly using the Ethernet cable that’s usually provided by your supplier with your router – even though most people never use it.

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Plusnet installation in my area

To find the broadband and home phone products and speed available to you, simply go to, enter your number and postcode and click ‘Check now’. When you do this, the website will then give you an estimated broadband download speed for your location. As described above, there are various online speed checkers available in addition to Plusnet’s own, but they will often be attempting to sell you services from a particular ISP.

If you prefer to take independent, third-party advice about what’s available in your area, you can contact our team for no-obligation guidance, or your local trusted provider. If you do not already work with a specialist in your locality, we can put you in touch with someone. We work with partners all over the UK.

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How to order your Plusnet broadband upgrade?

It should be easy to order an upgrade or switch to Plusnet broadband. All you need do is contact the Broadband and Phones team via We can talk you through the whole process or manage it on your behalf.

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